Roadmap Update - June 2024 | Page 3



• Integration of Scan Workflow & OCR engines into SAFEQ Cloud
• Rebranding of HCP to SAFEQ Cloud
• Version 3.34 with scanning MVP ( email , Sharepoint and OneDrive with OCR )
• Pure cloud embedded terminals for Ricoh , HP , Fujifilm
• Simplified deployment of Secondary Gateways on OMNI Bridge
• KM pure cloud terminal
• UI / UX improvements including new navigation , custom tenant background , log and theme
• New healthcheck dashboard
• API security enhancements
• Integration with partner technologies
• Updates to pure cloud terminals for enhanced functionality ( users can do more at the terminal )
• Scan to cloud fax and HTTP / S endpoints
• Updates to scanning for enhanced functionality ( folder browsing , metadata input , additional workflows )
• Quick start flow for simpler onboarding
• Preconfigured PC Client
• Enhancements for data privacy
• Quality and performance improvements

January – March 2024

• Added additional Scan Workflow Processing including Barcode recognition , document splitting , highlighted text redaction and extraction
• Additional enhancements to Pure Cloud Embedded Terminals with the ability to edit print job settings , quick action workflow buttons and the ability to add a custom logo
• Simplified the configuration of Printers and added filters for ease of administration
• Significant improvement of the scan experience
• Performance Improvements
• Advanced scanning features for Pure Cloud terminals
• Simplified Authentication
• API access Key enhancements

April-June 2024

• Email set-up enhancements so customers can utilize their own email service for scan and messaging
• User Profile UX Improvement
• Beta program launched for PC Client Auto Update
• Security & Performance improvements
• Beta program launched for Xerox Pure Cloud terminals
• Scan to Google Drive connector
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